The 6 Best Used Toyotas to Buy

2014-Toyota-YarisThe Japanese automaker Toyota has held on to the top spot for largest automaker in the world, with Ford and Volkswagen competing for the title. Toyota has managed to hold the title because they produce a large volume of long-lasting, reliable cars. If you’re thinking about shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, you will want to consider these Toyota models.


Toyota’s subcompact makes the list for remaining competitive in affordability and fuel economy while retaining its resale value. Compared to the competition, it’s already priced about $1,000 below other subcompacts when new, which lends to the resale price. Thought not a sporty or aggressive car, it’s ideal for a student in high school or heading off to college.


There’s a reason why you see so many Toyota Corollas on the road today – they tend to keep on going no matter how old they are. Breakdowns are rare, and when they happen, they aren’t catastrophic. Keep the car in good condition with regular maintenance and oil changes and you’ll be golden.


Like the Corolla, the Camry’s ubiquity is hard to miss in the U.S. considering it is consistently one of the top-selling models year-after-year. The car is engineered well, gets great mileage, has a comfortable ride, and is reliable – all features most people want. According to, the model years 2002-06 are a particularly great production run for the Camry model if you are looking for a pre-owned car. Most of these vehicles contain a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, making them popular for their 24 mpg city and 33 mpg highway fuel efficiency.


The full-size four-door sedan from Toyota’s line-up stands out in the used market particularly well for the 2006-07 production years. The cars ride comfortably with a V-6 engine producing 280 horsepower, suitable for aggressive commuter traffic and long-distance road-trips. The Avalon features high-quality materials and spacious interiors, with features like keyless entry, dual climate control, heated power seats, and moon roof. This is a great find on the used market.


Introduced in the late 1990s, RAV4 helped kickstart the crossover SUV segment. RAV4 has been extremely popular over the years leading to a variety of options made available by Toyota, including a third row seat and V-6 engine at times, though most models offer a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine with five-person seating. Front-wheel drive was standard, though it’s likely you will find an all-wheel drive model, which is great for off-road and winter conditions. Later years’ models have larger bodies and more interior space, making them more ideal for families.


The rugged Tacoma holds its value quite well, being a mid-size pickup truck, a class that is dwindling away and still highly coveted. Be aware that models built after 2000 were recalled for a frame rust issue, so if you find one, have a mechanic check it over before purchasing.

Toyota offers a great variety of car, truck, and SUV options across their lineup to meet your needs. What’s uncommon is these models continue to be produced today, meaning you won’t be driving an obsolete vehicle with difficult to find parts.