The 4 Most Beautiful State Parks in and Around Maryland

Beautiful State Parks near Salisbury, MDState parks in and around Maryland are not only beautiful, but they’re also an experience you need to have. Whether you live in Maryland or you’re simply visiting, make sure you take the time to check out the variety of state parks in the area. Head out for a hike, take your camping gear, or just go for a picnic to get the most of the beauty of the state. Here are some good places to start.

Catoctin Mountain Park

Located in Thurmont, Md., Catoctin Mountain Park is one of the most beautiful and interesting parks in the state. Here you’ll find dense pine tree forests, 25 miles of hiking trails, and rock formations that you simply won’t see anywhere else. Throughout the park, you can go fishing, rock climbing, and attend a camp fire program. In general, the hiking trails are open from sunrise to sunset. However, if there are safety concerns, specific trails may be closed while you’re at the park.

There is no entrance fee for the park, but if you’re interested in fishing, rock climbing, or having a special event, you may need a permit.

Smallwood State Park

Smallwood State Park is in Marbury, Md. This park offers 648 acres of beautiful, natural landscape. Smallwood used to be a farm but has become the perfect getaway for those looking for a quiet adventure. Although it is off most people’s radar and not one of the most popular parks in the state, there are camping cabins available for reservation. Other amenities include a playground, fishing pier, and boat dock.

Fees are applicable for camping sites and shelters and vary depending on the time of year and current bookings. Make sure to contact the park for more information on fees. Other activities may require specific permits, as well.

Tuckahoe State Park

In Queen Anne, Md., you’ll find Tuckahoe State Park. This quiet, secluded park offers beauty and relaxation. Tuckahoe is tucked back amongst fields and in the middle of nowhere on 60 acres of flooded wetlands and lakes. When you’re here, make sure you check out the wildlife, including blue heron, beavers, eagles, and more. Activities throughout the park include horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, and biking. There is also a climbing wall, allowing you to get a little more physical. You have access to several camp sites throughout the park, as well.

Fees are applicable for camping and other activities throughout the park. Make sure you contact the park if you’re interested in camping, so you can get the most current rates. Rates vary depending on the type of camping you choose, when you plan to visit, and how busy the park is. Permits are required for certain activities throughout the park, such as fishing or climbing the rock wall.

When you’re looking for something to do outdoors this summer, check out any of the great state parks around Maryland. Take in the beauty of the scenery, animals, and plants throughout the area.