3 Popular Bed and Breakfast Destinations

hotelsSometimes it’s nice to get away from it all and just relax for the weekend. If you’re looking to stay somewhere at or near Salisbury, Maryland, you should check out one of these three popular bed and breakfast destinations.

Alexander House Booklovers’ B & B

Located 12 miles from Salisbury in the town of Princess Anne, this restored Victorian home is but one of many historical homes in the neighborhood. Guests are encouraged to walk or bike through the area; there are buildings from the Victorian, Federal, and Colonial eras.

The bed and breakfast caters to booklovers: all the rooms have a literary theme. Guests can relax and browse the bookshelves in the Mark Twain Reading Parlor & Library or make use of the free Wi-Fi in Cafe Colette. Each bedroom theme is inspired by a famous author such as Jane Austen and Robert Louis Stevenson.

The stay includes breakfast — a Hearty cooked breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays and a European Breakfast on Monday through Thursday — evening liqueurs, and afternoon tea and pastries. Nearby attractions include beaches and rivers with kayaks and canoes available for rent. The rates range between $100 to $130 per night.

The River Gem B & B

Located 36 minutes from Salisbury in the city of Pokomoke, this restored 1860 home makes for a nice stay. The Pokomoke River is nearby, which is the very same river that Captain John Smith first navigated in 1608. Guests can learn more about local history at the nearby Delmarva Discovery Center.

True to its name, The River Gem has four available rooms: Rose Quartz, Ruby, Garnet, and Sapphire. The Sapphire and Ruby rooms both have cable TV and a private bathroom, while the Garnet and Rose Quartz rooms share a bathroom that features a claw-foot bathtub.

Breakfast is made from locally grown foods and served in a cafe-style dining room. The menu varies with the season and may include crepes, sausages, french toast, or quiche. There is also an afternoon tea with freshly baked pastries such as croissants and biscotti. The rates range between $115 to $145 per night.

Whitehaven Hotel

The Whitehaven Hotel is 12 miles away from Salisbury in the town of Whitehaven. Originally built in 1810, the Whitehaven Hotel used to provide lodging for those travelling by horse or by steamship to nearby towns. It closed after World War II until it was restored in 1997.

There are eight themed rooms to choose from, including The Lincoln Bedroom and The Victorian Bedroom. All rooms include satellite TV and Wi-Fi. If guests need to dock a boat, they can do so at the marina across the street. There are also two kayaks available to use at no extra cost. Avid birdwatchers may catch sight of a Snowy Egret or a Bald Eagle.

The stay includes a gourmet breakfast that is served in a Victorian-themed dining room. While the Danish pancakes are quite popular, the cooks also cater to special diets, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegetarian diets. The rates range between $123 and $196 per night.

There are plenty of bed and breakfast getaways near Salisbury. Whether you are looking to stay indoors or explore the beautiful scenery, at least one of these getaways should be just what you’re looking for.

Image via Flickr by presmd