A man looks perplexed as his key emits smoke instead of deactivating his car alarm

How do I turn off my car alarm without the remote?

Deactivating Car Alarm Without Key Fob

If your car remote, or key fob, is out of commission for one reason or another, an activated car alarm can be a rather frightening prospect. No one wants to end up hiding from an angry mob beneath their kitchen table because the neighborhood has been kept awake for days on end by an incessant ringing from their vehicle. So if your car alarm has been triggered and you can’t use the remote to turn it off, what can you do?

Alternatively, trash your car until it quiets down and buy a new one!

If your car has a car alarm system installed by the manufacturer, your key should also have a chipped key code programmed to the car that will register when you turn the ignition or put the key in the door.

To stop your car alarm, simply put your key into the driver’s-side door lock and turn. If the alarm still doesn’t turn off, get inside and turn your key in the ignition. Starting up the car should silence the alarm. Inserting the key in this manner should allow your vehicle to recognize the key of its master and be correspondingly soothed with the reassurance that all is well. This should lead it to stop screaming.

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How do I stop the alarm if I use a push-button key?

If you use a push-button key for your vehicle instead of a physical one, you’ll have to open that push-button fob device to get out the physical key stored inside. Usually, you’ll find a small button on the side of the fob. Press this in with your fingernail, or slide it over. The small internal key should be released as a result. Use this key to follow the steps above.

A man holds out a key

Where do I put my key if my car is usually keyless?

If your vehicle door does not appear to have traditional lock on it, there should be one hidden somewhere. A common hiding place is underneath a small panel to the side of the door handle. If your car has a button in place of the ignition key hole, try sliding the starter button aside to reveal a hidden key-based ignition.

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What if I have an aftermarket car alarm?

If you have an aftermarket car alarm, you may have to call the manufacturer or reference your owner’s manual for help. Aftermarket alarm systems are not usually set-up to work with your car key.

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