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Where can I finance car repairs in Salisbury, MD?

For many, choosing not to repair their car simply doesn’t feel like a reasonable option. For better or worse, modern America was built with automobiles in mind. If you have a commute of any distance that doesn’t fall within the bounds of our (rather limited) public transportation system, you probably need your car.

So what happens when that car breaks down and you don’t have the means on hand to fix it? Where can one get a loan for car repair and maintenance in Salisbury, MD?

Maintenance Loans through DigniFi at Pohanka Toyota

Here at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury, we partner with a service called DigniFi in order to provide loans for drivers who need their vehicles serviced or repaired. Our trained and certified service team works on vehicles of any make or model. If you need service done and require a loan to pay for it, we can help you out!

Learn About: Toyota Service and Protection Plans

Is it hard to qualify for a loan with DigniFi?

DigniFi uses an advanced system to calculate a variety of factors when considering loan approval. They certainly look at more than just the credit score. For this reason, they are able to get almost every applicant approved.

Once you apply, you’ll get an instant response saying whether or not you qualify for financing. In addition, this instant decision will show the maximum amount you can finance through DigniFi.

As soon as you’re approved, our service center here at Pohanka Toyota will be notified.

How do I apply for a car repair loan?

DigniFi offers applicants a 4-step loan application process. The system is online only and totally paperless. All personal information is kept soothingly secure.

What if I don’t qualify for a high enough loan to cover my repairs?

If you need more than your maximum qualifying loan amount to pay for your repairs, you’ll need to work with the auto service center to cover the remainder.

What are the interest rates?

The interest rate you’re charged is based on your credit history. Rates range from 9.99% to 36%.

How do I make loan payments?

Once you have the financing in place, payments can simply be made on the DigniFi website, mailed to their office, or submitted over the phone. For more information about payment options (or any other questions), contact us today!

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