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What’s the most common type of trailer tongue length?

Popularity of Trailer Tongue Length Types

The trailer tongue is a pretty important piece of engineering. After all, it does the essential work of keeping one’s trailer attached while also maintaining it at a safe distance from the towing vehicle. It also keeps the trailer in balance, and assists in keeping weight on the tow hitch for controlled towing.

There are several main types of trailer tongues in existence. In terms of length, towers can choose between fixed length, extendable and tilting tongues. Which type of length is most common for trailer tongues?

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Fixed length tongues are the most common type of trailer tongue length. These account for about 95% of trailers built. Most manufacturers have their own standard length they abide by for the given size of a trailer. This is based on experience, trailer instability, turning and reversing responsiveness, axle position and maximum load capacity of a given trailer.

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Tongue emerges from a trailer

How can I choose the ideal trailer tongue for my needs?

The ideal trailer tongue is determined by both the size of the trailer and the size of the loads one desires to haul. Factors considered regarding the tongue include size, material composition and design. It’s important that a tongue be able to maintain good vertical and sideways strength.

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What are the main types of trailer tongue?

In addition to the length options above, towers can choose between straight, composite and “A” frame tongue types.

How do you measure trailer tongue length?

Trailer tongue length is measured in distance from the center of the trailer front cross member to the center of the tow ball.

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