Woman hangs clothes on a clothesline amongst trees

Can my landlord tell me I can’t have a clothesline in Maryland?

Maryland Clothesline Rights and Regulations

Clotheslines are a great way to naturally dry your clothes and other washed items through the power of the sun and air. A drying machine can take an awful lot of power to use, after all, so it’s good not to do so when possible.

Some landlords and homeowners associations have traditionally been against clotheslines, however, viewing them as unsightly eyesores. Is it legal for a landlord or other authority to forbid tenants the right to a clothesline in Maryland?

Enjoy your dry clothes in the comfort of a new Toyota!

No, a landlord or other authority cannot forbid a clothesline in Maryland. Thanks to the state’s 2010 “Right-to-Dry” legislation, condominium associations, homeowners associations and cooperatives must allow homeowners to install clotheslines on their property. The institutions can place “reasonable restrictions” on dimensions, placement, or appearance of clotheslines, however.

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