Toyota "Woven City" located by the base of Mount Fuji

Why is Toyota building a “smart city”?

The Cutting-Edge Toyota “Woven City” Located at the Base of Mount Fuji

You may have heard that Toyota is up to something unique out there in the depths of Japan. We at Pohanka Toyota have been fantasizing rather endlessly about this mysterious project ever since we heard the news.

What we know is that Toyota is hard at work building what they’ve designated a “smart city.” Dubbing the settlement by the name “Woven City,” Toyota is building a 175-acre technological wonder near the base of Mount Fuji, about 62 miles out from Tokyo. Why is Toyota engaging in this unique project?

The Woven City currently being built by Toyota is expected to serve as a testing ground for cutting edge technologies such as robotics, smart homes, and AI. Residents will live in smart homes outfitted with in-home robotic systems to assist with daily living. For example, sensor-based artificial intelligence will monitor health and take care of other basic needs.

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Who will get to live in the Toyota Smart City?

The first residents of the Woven City will be a group of about 360 inventors, young families, and senior citizens. Such individuals are expected to move in within five years. Eventually, the plan is for the city to host a population of more than 2,000 Toyota employees and their families, along with a smattering of retired couples, retailers and scientists.

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Courtyard viewed from above in the Toyota "Woven City"

Why is Toyota calling its smart city the “Woven City”?

The name “Woven City” comes from the fact that the Toyota smart city will feature a design based on pedestrian streets that are “interwoven” with streets dedicated to self-driving cars. Plus, the name sounds pretty cool; to us, it conveys an ultra-modern vibe while still feeling organic and wholesome.

How will the Woven City be powered?

The Woven City is expected to be fully sustainable, powered by hydrogen fuel cells (a technology that Toyota has a special thing for).

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