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How can I maximize the range of my EV?

Driving Tips to Improve Electric Vehicle Range

Those keeping up on the latest automotive news have likely noticed a substantial shift toward electric vehicles in the future plans of nearly all major automakers. It’s clear that the world is ready to move on to a more sustainable future rather than being held back by entrenched special interests and outdated conceptions about the preservation of jobs.

However, the switch will certainly include a learning curve of sorts. One question that customers ask us here at Pohanka Toyota is: how can I maximize the range of my electric vehicle?

Strategies to maximize the range of one’s EV include:

  • Using accessories wisely
  • Utilizing Economy Mode
  • Pre-heating or pre-cooling the vehicle while it’s still plugged in
  • Avoiding hard braking in order to maximize regenerative braking
  • Observing the speed limit
  • Avoiding hauling cargo on the roof
  • Removing excess weight from the vehicle
  • Keeping tires properly inflated

In addition to the above, one of the biggest factors that affects EV range is weather. Cold weather, in particular, can reduce EV range by up to at least 26%. This is an issue currently being worked on by automakers, and will hopefully see improvement in the future. In the meantime, just be warned that driving in winter conditions will have this effect.

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A hand bursts forth from the Earth holding up an EV battery as the last hope

How do I use accessories wisely to maximize range?

Accessories include features such as heating, air conditioning and the vehicle’s entertainment system. The use of these technologies affects the fuel economy ratings of all vehicles, but has a greater effect in EVs. Besides just using these less when you want to save juice, try creative strategies such as using the seat warmers rather than the cabin heater.

Also, a related strategy is to pre-heat or pre-cool your vehicle while it’s still plugged in. This ensures that the battery isn’t being used for the quite straining task of substantial ambient temperature alteration.

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What does economy mode do?

Many EVs come with something called Economy Mode, or a similar feature under a different name. This feature aims to, as the name suggests, maximize your EV’s fuel economy, or range. It typically does so by limiting other areas of the vehicle’s performance, such as acceleration rate, in the interest of fuel savings.

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