Image of a flat tire being changed using a jack and a wrench

Tire Changing Tips for your Toyota 

How to change a flat tire in your Toyota? 

Want to learn how to change a flat tire in your Toyota? Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury has just the thing for you. Join us as we state the steps followed to change a flat tire and never again feel stranded on the road waiting for help. Continue reading for detailed instructions.  

Steps to Change a Flat Tire  

You will have to first access the spare tire to change a flat tire. The spare tire needs to be lowered with the hatch door open and using the long end of the jack. Turn the jack handle in a counterclockwise direction to lower the spare tire.  

Ensure that your parking brakes are engaged, and you are parked away from oncoming traffic. Place the jack under the frame rails and crank the wheel up. Remove the hub cap and use a lug wrench to remove the nuts.  

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Image of a jack being used while changing a flat tire
Image of a lug wrench being used while changing a flat tire

We advise you to apply a liberal coat of WD-40 if you cannot loosen the nut. Now mount the new tire and tighten the lug nuts. Replace the hub cap and lower the jack until the wheel touches the level ground. You can place the flat tire in the compartment where you access the spare tire. Your flat tire situation is fixed. As a precautionary method, have your tires checked at the nearest service station to ensure that the tire pressure is optimal and there are no other emergencies for the car.  

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Check out the tire store at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury in Salisbury, MD, if you are looking to get your car a new set of tires. Let our team of experts inspect your vehicle and avail services from our service department for all your vehicular needs.  

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