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Tongue emerges from a trailer

Why is a trailer tongue important?

Purpose of the Trailer Tongue

When towing, the tongue is often overlooked. Users like to focus on glamorous towing capacity numbers of the tow vehicle, and/or the quirks and features of what the trailer itself can accomplish. But the tongue is actually one of the most important parts of a trailer design.

What makes the trailer tongue such an important element of a good tow?

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Interior front cabin of a 2020 Toyota Corolla

What is Toyota WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening)?

Toyota Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) Info and Importance

It’s no secret that Toyota is obsessed with safety technology; as a result, the venerable automaker is continually, restlessly improving this aspect of their vehicles. One acronym you may have come across when learning about Toyota safety is “WIL.” In this context, these letters stand for “Whiplash Injury Lessening.” What is Toyota Whiplash Injury Lessening, and how does it work? Continue reading

A woman sits and ponders about an illuminated ABS light.

What does the ABS light mean, and why is it activated in my Toyota?

Toyota ABS Light Meaning and Corresponding Issues

Warning lights can be a fairly unsettling business. It’s often hard to know whether they symbolize a minor issue or point to a major problem with your ride. Often, the same light can annoyingly mean both. It doesn’t help that they’re typically cryptic symbols that seemingly would require the Rosetta Stone to decode.

If you’ve been driving along in your Toyota and noticed the ABS light on your dashboard illuminate, you’re probable wondering: what does the ABS light mean, and should I be worried? Continue reading

Interior front cabin of a 2019 Toyota Highlander

Is it okay to shift an electric car into drive when reversing?

Electric/Hybrid Gear Shift and Transmission

If you’ve been driving an electric or hybrid vehicle, you may have noticed that you can easily change gears when in motion. Unlike in an ICE vehicle, shifting while going in an opposite gear won’t send you into a spazzing vehicular seizure. So does that means it’s okay to do?

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Shifting an electric car into drive when reversing shouldn’t cause any damage to the vehicle. This is because electric cars don’t have separate gears in the traditional, physical sense. Though it may appear that you’re using a standard gear selector, it’s actually an electric input switch. Instead of interacting with a physical transmission, you’re interacting with a computer. Trippy!

Do hybrid cars have an electric transmission? Hybrid cars sometimes have an electric transmission, and sometimes use the traditional version. Proceed with caution.

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What happens if you shift gears when driving in an electric car?

Different EVs respond in different ways to an in-drive gear shift. Some will refuse to shift and tell you you’ve done something naughty. Others will take into account what you’re doing and smoothly head into the process of shifting.

If you are reversing out of your driveway and shift into drive while you’re still going backwards, your vehicle will likely wait until you hit the brakes before it truly shifts into going forwards. This enables drivers to get a handy time-saving jump on their gear shifting. If you’re heading down a road at 30 mph and switch to reverse, a smart vehicle will begin auto-braking in a smooth fashion until the car is stopped, and then begin reversing.

These are just a few of the benefits of using an intelligent electronic input device rather than an unintelligent old mechanical selector.

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Why do electric cars only have a single gear ratio?

Electric motors deliver their best torque at zero RPM. They have a much larger RPM range than a typical internal combustion engine. An electric engine also produces its best power output when utilizing a broad RPM range. This is different from the way a gas or diesel engine works. These are the reasons electric motors only use a single gear ratio.

side view of a red 2019 Toyota Tundra

New Safety and Driver Assistance Features for the 2019 Toyota Tundra

The power and capability prowess of the new Toyota Tundra lineup at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury on the Delmarva Peninsula is well-known all over the world. And with power and capability ratings like those offered by the 2019 Toyota Tundra lineup, that should certainly be the case. But the 2019 Tundra lineup offers more than just world-class power and capability. In fact, the 2019 Tundra lineup is one of the safest new pickup truck lineups available today, as you’ll see right here while we outline the new safety and driver assistance features for the 2019 Toyota Tundra lineup.


How Safe is the 2019 Toyota Tundra Lineup at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?

We told you in our introduction that the 2019 Toyota Tundra lineup is one of the safest and easiest-to-drive new pickup truck lineups available today. And now we’re going to prove that point by listing some of the best new safety and driver assistance systems featured with the new 2019 Tundra lineup. These safety and driver assistance features include the Toyota Safety Sense™ P suite of safety and driver assistance systems – a suite that’s standard on all 2019 Tundra models. This suite includes a Pre-Collision System featuring Pedestrian Detection capabilities, Lane Departure Alert capabilities featuring Sway Warning System technology, automatic high beam technology, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control capabilities. The 2019 Tundra lineup also features the Star Safety System™ suite, which includes vehicle stability control technology, traction control capabilities, an anti-lock brake system, electronic brake-force distribution capabilities, Brake Assist capabilities, and Smart Stop Technology. Furthermore, the lineup features a Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert technology, a full complement of 8 airbags, and the ToyotaCare no cost maintenance plan.

If you’d like to learn more about the 2019 Toyota Tundra lineup, or if you’d like more information on any of the other new Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs available at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury on the Delmarva Peninsula, please get in touch with our staff.