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Where can I finance car repairs in Salisbury, MD?

For many, choosing not to repair their car simply doesn’t feel like a reasonable option. For better or worse, modern America was built with automobiles in mind. If you have a commute of any distance that doesn’t fall within the bounds of our (rather limited) public transportation system, you probably need your car.

So what happens when that car breaks down and you don’t have the means on hand to fix it? Where can one get a loan for car repair and maintenance in Salisbury, MD? Continue reading

A robotic stork delivers a red vehicle in a sack to a happy schoolboy outside his home. Text to the right reads, "SPECIAL DELIVERY of your new car! Wishing you a happy time with your vehicle."

What car dealerships offer home delivery in Salisbury, MD?

Pohanka Toyota Vehicle Delivery Serving the Delmarva Peninsula

At the time of the writing, car dealerships have been designated as necessary services for society by the state of Maryland during the current coronavirus pandemic. Of course, this is subject to change, as is everything at this uncertain historical juncture. But for now, we are doing all we can here at Pohanka Toyota to offer a clean, sanitary dealership and provide a safe, healthy environment for both customers and staff.

Even with such intensive cleaning measures and CDC guidelines, however, the safest option (for both oneself and others) remains staying at one’s home. Individuals are finding new ways of doing all sorts of old tasks, from grocery deliveries to remote hangouts with friends. Is this possible for obtaining a vehicle? Do any car dealerships offer delivery straight to the customer’s home in Salisbury, MD? Continue reading

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What is there to do while quarantined in Salisbury, MD?

Recommended Quarantine Activities on the Delmarva Peninsula

With the coronavirus spreading across the nation, responsible citizens everywhere are engaging in self-quarantine within their homes. This is currently the main recommended tactic for slowing the spread of COVID-19 and “flattening the curve,” in hopes that hospitals do not become too overwhelmed.

But quarantine is a bit of a shocking shake-up to the daily routines of many. With all the restrictions on activity, what is there to do while quarantined here on Maryland’s eastern shore? Continue reading

Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury Proudly Serving Delaware & Sussex County 

Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury is a premier Toyota dealer who serves many areas within Maryland and Delaware. With their large selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, Pohanka Toyota is fully equipped to aid those on the Eastern Shore find the car, truck or SUV of their dreams. 

Pohanka Toyota’s award-winning service & parts department, online inventory, and outstanding financing options make them the preferred dealer for all your Toyota needs. 

Though located in Salisbury, Maryland Pohanka Toyota proudly serves many areas within the state of Delaware and Sussex County including but not limited to Selbyville, Laurel, Millsboro, Seaford, Dagsboro, Delmar, Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach, and Fenwick Island.

Pohanka Toyota is even willing to deliver your dream car to your home or place of work and urges Delaware customers to remember that taxes are determined by where you live and not where you buy.

Ready to set up a test drive? Visit our Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury dealership today!

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What’s the longest running dealership in Salisbury, MD?

Pohanka Automotive Age and Origin

Cars are such a major part of our modern lives that it’s easy to forget they haven’t been around that long. It’s for this reason that you’ll often hear car dealerships bragging about how they’ve been around since 1956 or 1972; in the automotive world, that’s a long time. On that note, what’s the oldest dealership on the Delmarva Peninsula?

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While it’s hard to say which is definitively the oldest, one dealership that’s definitely up there is Pohanka Automotive: the organization has been operating in the Delmarva area since 1919. Being 101 years old (as of this writing) actually makes Pohanka one of the oldest automobile dealerships in the nation. Today, Pohanka boasts 17 dealership and 11 collision centers, one of which is us here at Pohanka Toyota.

How did Pohanka begin?

The Pohanka story begins with the colorful story of its founder, Frank S. Pohanka. After running away from his Bronx family home in the eighth grade, Frank managed to find work as a stable boy at a Long Island horse farm. It didn’t take long working with the horses for Frank to morph into a successful jockey, participating in races all over North America.

Eventually, however, Frank could no longer “keep weight” in the horse racing game, and decided it was time to move on to something more long term. He enjoyed tinkering mechanically, so he returned to NYC and read every book he could find in the library on automobiles, learning how to work with cars. Eventually, he managed to get hired by GM as a mechanic and service rep.

General Motors transferred Frank to a Chevy dealership located in Washington D.C. Frank had big dreams, however, and decided to open his own dealership in the city. His first Pohanka dealership and service center was opened in Washington D.C. in 1919. The rest, of course, is history.

[ We credit our long-running success to our core philosophy, dubbed “The Pohanka Difference” ]

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What are the best Halloween 2019 events on the Delmarva Peninsula?

Halloween Events 2019 in and around Salisbury, MD

The season of spookiness is upon us, and we’re all wondering how to best get out and enjoy it. One way is by taking part in some of the great events put on here in Salisbury. To get you started, we’ve compiled a few that stood out to us.

Read on to check ‘em out, and let us know if there’s any we missed in the comments! Thanks for reading, and we here at Pohanka hope you have a very happy (and slightly scary, if that’s your thing) Halloween.

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When? Saturday, October 12th at 2 PM

Where? The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, 909 S Schumaker Dr, Salisbury MD

The name alone was enough to win us over to this intriguing event taking place deep within the galleries of the Chesapeake Wildfowl Expo and Fall Festival. There will be fun fall-themed activities taking place continuously from 8 am until 4 pm. The Quack or Treat itself begins at 2 pm and continues until the candy runs out. Wear a costume!

Spooktacular Halloween for Special Needs

When? Saturday, October 12th from 3:30 until 5:30 PM

Where? Salisbury Zoological Park, 755 S Park Drive, Salisbury MD

This not-scary event is just for families with a special needs member. Games will be played from 3:30 until 4:30. After, the trick-or-treat trail will open up from 4:30 until 5:30.

Halloween Happening(s)

When? October 19 and 26, 1 until 4 pm

Where? Salisbury Zoological Park, 755 S Part Drive, Salisbury MD

Taking place twice this month, the Halloween Happenings event is aimed at kids aged ten and under who don’t necessarily want to experience anything scary. It’s the biggest Halloween event on the Eastern Shore. Kids will be able to trick or treat throughout the zoo, play Halloween games, and learn about animals. The whole family can compete in a costume contest.

Halloween Tea

When? Thursday, October 24th from 7:30 to 9:00 A.M.

Where? Friends of Poplar Hill Mansion, Inc, 117 Elizabeth St., Salisbury MD

This unique event combines the tradition of high tea with the fun and aesthetics of Halloween. A special menu of Halloween-themed foods will be served, including pumpkin soup. The Poplar Mansion, where the Halloween Tea takes place, is considered Salisbury’s most haunted house. On top of this, it will be fully decked-out with decorations for the holiday. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the preservation of the mansion.

Benefits of Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Toyota

Ever wonder what the difference is between a pre-owned vehicle and a certified pre-owned vehicle? You see the sign advertising that the car you’re looking at is “certified pre owned” but what does that actually mean? Is it worth the extra cost? The short answer is yes but let’s explore why.


First off a certified pre owned car is a vehicle that has been through an intense and deliberate inspection by a Toyota trained technician. This is to ensure that any problems with the car are fixed BEFORE it goes on the market. Any recalls, manufacture flaws or other problems will be addressed and fixed before the car leaves the lot. So when purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle you are assured that the car has been properly and thoroughly inspected and maintained to fit today’s top safety standards.


Second, when purchasing a certified pre-owned car you are instantly purchasing a vehicle with some much needed add ons. For example if you purchase a certified pre-owned Toyota vehicle it automatically comes with a one-year / 12,000 mile warranty form the day you purchase the car. Certified Toyota’s even come with one year roadside assistance which can really save you in a bind. Not certified pre-owned cars will typically carry out the original warranty that came with the vehicle but those are most often expired by the time the car has been resold.


So is it worth it to purchase a certified pre-owned Toyota? Yes! Though vehicles made by Toyota are meant to be reliable and last longer than ever, having an extended warranty as well as a year of free roadside assistance is well worth the minimal additional cost. The multi point inspection a certified pre-owned vehicle goes through also insures that there will be no immediate problems with the car and will put your mind at ease for a long time to come.
Check out our entire selection of pre-owned and certified pre-owned cars today.