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A hand bursts forth from the Earth holding up an EV battery as the last hope

Are EVs actually better for the environment?

The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Environment

EVs are often touted as a big part of the solution to the environmental ills currently afflicting our beloved planet Earth. However, as with the any big push for change, there has also been substantial pushback against electric vehicles and their adoption. One of the favorite claims of the anti-EV crowd is that electric cars aren’t actually better for the environment than traditional combustion engine gas- and diesel-powered cars. Such assertions often come in the form of unsubstantiated but widely shared memes on social media.

Is there truth to these anti-electric assertions? Are EVs actually better for the environment than vehicles powered by fossil fuels, or are they just part of a big green-marketing charade?

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2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime zips along a road

Is the RAV4 Prime Hybrid faster than the Supra?

Toyota RAV4 Prime Hybrid Speed Capability

Toyota has released a new RAV4 hybrid variant in the form of a plug-in incarnation known as the RAV4 Prime Hybrid. This model boasts a lot of strengths, one of which is speed. In fact, this crossover SUV is so fast that rumors have begun to circulate that the RAV4 Prime Hybrid is faster than the Supra. Are the rumors true? Can the RAV4 Prime Hybrid outrun the famed sports car?

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Woman hangs clothes on a clothesline amongst trees

Can my landlord tell me I can’t have a clothesline in Maryland?

Maryland Clothesline Rights and Regulations

Clotheslines are a great way to naturally dry your clothes and other washed items through the power of the sun and air. A drying machine can take an awful lot of power to use, after all, so it’s good not to do so when possible.

Some landlords and homeowners associations have traditionally been against clotheslines, however, viewing them as unsightly eyesores. Is it legal for a landlord or other authority to forbid tenants the right to a clothesline in Maryland?

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Woman reaches into car with Softex seats

Is Toyota SofTex® vegan?

Vegan-Friendliness of Toyota SofTex® Leather Substitute Material

Toyota offers an innovative material on the top trims of many of their models. This material is a step beyond synthetic leather; the automaker calls it Toyota SofTex®.

If you prefer to have no animal products utilized in your materials, you’re likely wondering: is Toyota SofTex® vegan?

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