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Head-on view of a 2015 Toyota Venza

Why did Toyota originally discontinue the Venza?

Reasons for the Toyota Venza Demise and Resurrection

You may remember the Toyota Venza from its original run, which lasted from late 2008 until the 2015 model year. You may have also heard that the Venza is making a much-vaunted return for 2021. Why did Toyota originally axe the Venza? And why is the model now making its return?

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A sign says, "Now Showing," under which the name "DOUG" is on a star flanked by two red cars

What videos has Doug DeMuro made about Toyota models?

Doug DeMuro Toyota Video Compilation

It’s always good to get Doug DeMuro’s unique take on a vehicle. Doug has made plenty of Toyota videos over the past few years. Some of them focus on recent models, while others dive into particularly classic and intriguing machines from Toyota history.

Whatever he’s looking at, it’s always entertaining when Doug is discussing it. Check out some of our favorite Doug + Toyota combinations below! Continue reading

Toyota Camry TRD racing vehicle zips around a NASCAR track

Toyota Racing Spotlight Video Compilation

Innovation and Adventure of the TRD Division

Toyota is known not only for being an esteemed automaker, but also for boasting a venerable racing division. To celebrate, we’ve compiled some videos below from the manufacturer that demonstrate the philosophy, the possibilities, and the innovation that drives Toyota Racing Development, or TRD.

You’ll see the great champions of TRD over time, such as Kyle Bush, Martin Truex Jr. and Ivan Stewart. Perhaps our favorite parts are when we get to see how the TRD design is carried over into mainstream Toyota models such as the Camry TRD. Finally, join three TRD Pro trucks on an exciting journey through the scenic landscapes and bustling cities of Vietnam, as they head all the way from Ho Chi Minh City in the south up to Hanoi and beyond in the north. Continue reading