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Toyota "Woven City" located by the base of Mount Fuji

Why is Toyota building a “smart city”?

The Cutting-Edge Toyota “Woven City” Located at the Base of Mount Fuji

You may have heard that Toyota is up to something unique out there in the depths of Japan. We at Pohanka Toyota have been fantasizing rather endlessly about this mysterious project ever since we heard the news.

What we know is that Toyota is hard at work building what they’ve designated a “smart city.” Dubbing the settlement by the name “Woven City,” Toyota is building a 175-acre technological wonder near the base of Mount Fuji, about 62 miles out from Tokyo. Why is Toyota engaging in this unique project?

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A woman walks through a park while another woman reads a book in her study.

What is there to do while quarantined in Salisbury, MD?

Recommended Quarantine Activities on the Delmarva Peninsula

With the coronavirus spreading across the nation, responsible citizens everywhere are engaging in self-quarantine within their homes. This is currently the main recommended tactic for slowing the spread of COVID-19 and “flattening the curve,” in hopes that hospitals do not become too overwhelmed.

But quarantine is a bit of a shocking shake-up to the daily routines of many. With all the restrictions on activity, what is there to do while quarantined here on Maryland’s eastern shore? Continue reading

The 4 Most Beautiful State Parks in and Around Maryland

Beautiful State Parks near Salisbury, MDState parks in and around Maryland are not only beautiful, but they’re also an experience you need to have. Whether you live in Maryland or you’re simply visiting, make sure you take the time to check out the variety of state parks in the area. Head out for a hike, take your camping gear, or just go for a picnic to get the most of the beauty of the state. Here are some good places to start.

Catoctin Mountain Park

Located in Thurmont, Md., Catoctin Mountain Park is one of the most beautiful and interesting parks in the state. Here you’ll find dense pine tree forests, 25 miles of hiking trails, and rock formations that you simply won’t see anywhere else. Throughout the park, you can go fishing, rock climbing, and attend a camp fire program. In general, the hiking trails are open from sunrise to sunset. However, if there are safety concerns, specific trails may be closed while you’re at the park.

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