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The 4 Best Summer Spots in Salisbury, MD

Ocean City Beach in Salisbury, MDWhen you’re in Salisbury, Md., this summer, make sure to check out the city’s top summer spots. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to cool off and relax or something fun and exciting to do, you’ll find everything you’re looking for here. Salisbury has a variety of activities to offer everyone, so get your friends together and head out.

Ocean City Beach

Head outside of Salisbury for a day of fun on the beach. The Ocean City Beach offers a beautiful view, comfortable water, and interesting people. Visiting the beach is free, so you can bring along all your friends and family for a fun day out. There are 10 miles of beach, allowing you to spread out and enjoy yourself. While you’re at the Ocean City Beach, you can go swimming, sunbathe, or even rent a kayak or canoe to head out on the water. There are a variety of public facilities along the beach, as well.

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5 Best Places to Have a Picnic in Salisbury, MD

Pemberton-HallSalisbury in southeastern Maryland is the county seat of Wicomico County. It is the commercial hub of the Delmarva Peninsula, and is near major cities such as Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Wilmington. There are many parks with facilities for having a picnic in Salisbury, and families can enjoy a fun-filled day at any one of these parks.

1. Pemberton Historical Park

This park is on 262 acres, and visitors can hike 4.5 miles of nature trails from which they can see native plants and animals. Trail guides, bird and plant brochures, and special event listings are available in the contact building near the parking lot. Pemberton Hall, part of the historical park, is an 18th century plantation house which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and open to the public.

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4 Best Day Trips for Salisbury Residents

Assateague-Island-PoniesWith the spring and summer months right around the corner, it’s time to start planning some fun day trips. There are a lot of great attractions for travelers of all ages around Salisbury, from relaxing days on the coast to enlightening museum visits and activity-filled amusement parks. Here are some of the top picks for day trips in the Salisbury area, each no more than a few hours away.

1. Assateague Island

This national park just 33 miles from Salisbury is a unique natural setting on the Maryland coast that is literally never the same twice. Assateague Island National Park is regularly reshaped by wind, tides, and rain, so while the location is always there to enjoy, the details will be different with each visit. The island is one of the few places left in the United States where wild horses still roam, and it has interesting (and delicious) native plant life like the prickly pear. This is an ideal locale for nature lovers, either for guided tours or to explore independently.

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Five Must-See Roadside Attractions in Maryland

Cafe-Hon-Baltimore-MarylandWhen was the last time you took a road trip through Maryland? Did you drive straight through, or did you find local attractions to stop at and visit? If you didn’t stop you missed out. But, for your next trip plan ahead. The following is a list of the five must-see roadside attractions in Maryland — so be sure you plan your stops so that you won’t miss anything.

Cafe Hon

Whether you are on a short road trip or a long one, there is always a need to stop for a bite to eat. So, why not stop at the Cafe Hon in Baltimore. Cafe Hon is not only a fantastic place to eat brunch, lunch, or dinner but what makes it a must stop is the Giant Pink Flamingo that greets you at the door. It has been made famous by several movies and is somewhat of a local celebrity.

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Maryland's 6 Best Scenic Drives

Sildeling-Hill-Allegheny-MountainsMaryland boasts many beautiful places you can explore as a motorist. With these trips, the journey is just as important as the destination. Choose from countless historical roads and picturesque byways to experience the best this scenic state has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a good place to hike, want to take in some historical attractions along the way, or just want a drive to witness some stunning natural scenery, Maryland is the place to hit the road.

Mountain Maryland

This byway stretches 193 miles, taking you from Keyser’s Ridges heights into historic Cumberland. Along the way, you get to witness western Maryland’s gorgeous geography. You’ll skirt the Youghiogheny River and dive right into the Alleghenies. This is a particularly breathtaking tour to take when fall colors are at their peak.

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