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What is refinancing?

Refinancing Definition, Benefits, and Downsides

If you’re in the loan game, you may have heard the term refinancing. People in Salisbury, MD sometimes like to talk about how they refinanced this or that loan, or how you should consider refinancing your loan. Our financing team here at Pohanka Toyota sometimes fields the question: what exactly does refinancing mean?

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Man with espresso checks credit score

How will my credit score impact the cost of my vehicle?

Effect of Credit Score on Financing and Lease Rates

Unless you’re paying for your vehicle up front in full, your credit score will probably impact its cost. The inhabitants of Maryland’s Eastern Shore are not free from the effects of the seemingly all-pervading judgment of FICO, and we at Pohanka Toyota do propagate its usage. How does one’s credit score affect the price of their car?

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Where can I find military discounts for new cars in Salisbury, MD?

Bonus Cash Rebate for Military Personnel on the Delmarva Peninsula

Here at Pohanka Toyota, we aim to be able to give something back to those who have given so much in the service of our country. That’s why we offer our special $500 Military Rebate, available to qualifying U.S. military personnel and their household members, U.S. military retirees, and U.S. military veterans within two years of discharge.

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Rear seats inside 2021 Toyota Sienna

How can I best keep my family safe in my Toyota?

“Toyota for Families” Car Seat Installation Digital Toolkit

Over half of car seats are used incorrectly. This is a rather shocking fact, as children, being our most precious cargo, should be kept safe in every way possible.

To help combat this issue, Toyota has put together a handy Car Seat Installation Digital Toolkit under its “Toyota for Families” database. This conglomeration of information contains resources to help users learn about car seats and how to use them properly, as well as other important bits like Toyota safety features, recall checks, tips for safe transportation, and more.

Check it all out for yourself via the link below! Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

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Woman drives a large battery through a lightning storm

How can I maximize the range of my EV?

Driving Tips to Improve Electric Vehicle Range

Those keeping up on the latest automotive news have likely noticed a substantial shift toward electric vehicles in the future plans of nearly all major automakers. It’s clear that the world is ready to move on to a more sustainable future rather than being held back by entrenched special interests and outdated conceptions about the preservation of jobs.

However, the switch will certainly include a learning curve of sorts. One question that customers ask us here at Pohanka Toyota is: how can I maximize the range of my electric vehicle?

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