Two mechanics check a dipstick

Where can I apply for a service technician job in Salisbury, MD?

Are you a resident of the Delmarva Peninsula looking to put your service technician skills to work in a maintenance center? Do you aim to join a passionate team that works hard to provide quality service experiences to customers? Does being part of an organization that has deep roots in the community sound appealing?

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A hand bursts forth from the Earth holding up an EV battery as the last hope

Are EVs actually better for the environment?

The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Environment

EVs are often touted as a big part of the solution to the environmental ills currently afflicting our beloved planet Earth. However, as with the any big push for change, there has also been substantial pushback against electric vehicles and their adoption. One of the favorite claims of the anti-EV crowd is that electric cars aren’t actually better for the environment than traditional combustion engine gas- and diesel-powered cars. Such assertions often come in the form of unsubstantiated but widely shared memes on social media.

Is there truth to these anti-electric assertions? Are EVs actually better for the environment than vehicles powered by fossil fuels, or are they just part of a big green-marketing charade?

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Hands cup a red heart

What local organizations can I donate to or volunteer with to help those affected by COVID in Salisbury, MD?

Local COVID-Assistance Donation and Volunteering Opportunities on the Delmarva Peninsula

With COVID-19 continuing to inflict a heavy toll on our community, nation, and world, many are looking for how they can lend a helping hand. A good place to start is in one’s immediate community; that’s why we at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury have taken a look at how individuals can help out those affected by the coronavirus here on Maryland’s eastern shore.

To this end, we’ve provided two links below to help out the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore. One link is for those who would like to make a donation, and the other is for those looking for volunteer opportunities. This organization, which seems to be a good option for assisting with the COVID-19 pandemic, helps out in a variety of areas. Of course, they need support to continue to do so. 

Thank you for helping to make Salisbury and surrounding community a better place!

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Front/side angled shot of white 2021 Toyota Camry

Does the 2021 Toyota Camry have a CD Player?

2021 Toyota Camry CD Player and Audio Features

Many of us have amassed a sizable CD collection over the years. It may not seem all that long ago that CDs were the “new thing,” and having a car that could play them was a sign of a cutting-edge machine.

However, that’s not the case anymore, with fewer and fewer new vehicles including the ability to play CDs. Does the 2021 Toyota Camry come with, or offer, a CD player?

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