Cargo Volume and Internal Dimensions of the 2021 Toyota Highlander

2021 Toyota highlander interior features and specs

If you are on the lookout for a spacious, high-performing, and stylish SUV, you have reached your destination. The 2021 Toyota Highlander offers three-row seating that eight passengers, including the driver, can occupy. You have an option of going second-row captain’s chairs, which will decrease the passenger capacity to seven, but it’ll offer more comfortable seating and will up the stylish quotient by a notch. The 2021 Toyota Highlander model lineup now includes an XSE trim that is not present in the Hybrid models.

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Engine Specifications and Fuel Economy Ratings of the 2021 Toyota Sienna 

2021 Toyota Sienna Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency 

If you are looking for a minivan that has the perfect combination of design, performance, and fuel economy, the 2021 Toyota Sienna is the right option. It offers a mashup of versatility, comfort, and sustainability with the latest technology. The 2021 Sienna has been fully redesigned, including seating, interior, and storage. It uses Toyota’s latest hybrid system and its cabin technology. Let’s check out the 2021 Toyota Sienna engine performance and fuel efficiency in detail. You can explore our inventory at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury in Salisbury, MD, to learn more about it. 

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2022 Toyota Avalon front view

An Overview of the 2022 Toyota Avalon

A Video Explaining the Highlights of the 2022 Toyota Avalon

The 2022 Toyota Avalon is the latest offering from the automaker in the sedan segment. With its unique design, great build quality and impressive specifications, this vehicle has a lot to offer you. Therefore, if you are interested to learn more about this sedan, then we at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury in Salsibury, MD, have this video for you to check out. However, if you are interested in the kind of services we provide at our dealership, then take some time out of your busy schedule to visit us.

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2021 Toyota Corolla rear quarter view

Safety Features and Infotainment System of the 2021 Toyota Corolla

What are the Available Safety Features of the 2021 Toyota Corolla?

It is no secret that Toyota has a reputation for making vehicles that come with amazing technology integration. Continuing that trend, the 2021 Toyota Corolla is equipped with some of the best safety features that you can have in your sedan. If you want to learn more about it, then we at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury in Salisbury, MD, have this article for your perusal.

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2021 Toyota Avalon front quarter view

Engine Specifications and Fuel Efficiency of the 2021 Toyota Avalon

What is the Engine Performance of the 2021 Toyota Avalon?

The 2021 Toyota Avalon has made quite a name for itself in the automobile market. This sedan comes with great engine specifications and fuel economy ratings. If you are interested in learning more about these features in detail, then we at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury in Salisbury, MD, have this article for you. Take a look!

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