Toyota "Woven City" located by the base of Mount Fuji

Why is Toyota building a “smart city”?

The Cutting-Edge Toyota “Woven City” Located at the Base of Mount Fuji

You may have heard that Toyota is up to something unique out there in the depths of Japan. We at Pohanka Toyota have been fantasizing rather endlessly about this mysterious project ever since we heard the news.

What we know is that Toyota is hard at work building what they’ve designated a “smart city.” Dubbing the settlement by the name “Woven City,” Toyota is building a 175-acre technological wonder near the base of Mount Fuji, about 62 miles out from Tokyo. Why is Toyota engaging in this unique project?

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A big pile of tires

Where can I get OEM tires for my Toyota in Salisbury, MD?

Purchase and Install Certified Tires for Your Toyota on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

When you need new parts for your vehicle, it helps to go to the source. Rather than getting third-party items, choosing OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) parts and others that are certified by your vehicular brand ensure that you’re getting the same level of quality that was put into the original machine. Such parts are made specifically for your vehicle (or vice-versa), and using them helps keep it in tip-top condition.

If you’re a Toyota driver in Salisbury, MD, you may be wondering: where can I get certified tires for my Toyota on the Delmarva Peninsula?

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Toyota hydrogen fuel cell

How do hydrogen fuel cell vehicles work?

The Mechanics of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

We at Pohanka Toyota have something to admit: we have a bit of a thing for Toyota. Okay, it’s more than that: we love pretty much everything the automaker does.

One of the unique things Toyota has been up to over the past few years is its work on hydrogen fuel cell technology; Toyota Research and Development is kind of obsessed with the stuff, believing it’s a great option to help the world go green. We can certainly see where they’re coming from: hydrogen fuel cell exhaust is simply pure water, which is quite a bit better than billowing clouds of black smoke.

One question we often find ourselves wondering, however, is: how do hydrogen fuel cell vehicles actually work?

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Two mechanics check a dipstick

Where can I apply for a service technician job in Salisbury, MD?

Are you a resident of the Delmarva Peninsula looking to put your service technician skills to work in a maintenance center? Do you aim to join a passionate team that works hard to provide quality service experiences to customers? Does being part of an organization that has deep roots in the community sound appealing?

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