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What is there to do while quarantined in Salisbury, MD?

Recommended Quarantine Activities on the Delmarva Peninsula

With the coronavirus spreading across the nation, responsible citizens everywhere are engaging in self-quarantine within their homes. This is currently the main recommended tactic for slowing the spread of COVID-19 and “flattening the curve,” in hopes that hospitals do not become too overwhelmed.

But quarantine is a bit of a shocking shake-up to the daily routines of many. With all the restrictions on activity, what is there to do while quarantined here on Maryland’s eastern shore?

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Visit a Park on the Delmarva Peninsula

Though most restaurants, bars and indoor public facilities have closed their doors, the outside aspects of the Salisbury parks and greenways remain open. Experts are still giving the go-ahead on outdoor activity and exercise, so individuals need not fear that they should remain only within their home. Just make sure to practice social distancing (staying at least six feet away from others) when heading out.

More information on attending public parks during the COVID-19 pandemic can be obtained from the National Recreation and Park Association.

The same recommendations and regulations apply for National Parks in the Salisbury area, such as Assateague State Park, Pocomoke State Forest, Pemberton Historical Park, and so forth. Spring is arriving, and a foray into nature can do much to soothe the anxieties of one’s soul.

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Pursue a Hobby Indoors

There are many hobbies to pursue that individuals may have foregone in the past due to time constraints. With quarantine opening up more free time in their homes for many, this is a prime opportunity to pursue hobbies like reading or crafting. Of course, there are also an endless array of movies, tv shows, and video games to consume. We just recommend not going too overboard on such things, as that can lead to depression. For most humans, balance and variety are key.

If you’re looking for something particularly relaxing indoors, you can also try your hand at Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a recent release for the Nintendo Switch. The game, which came out on March 20th, focuses on a laid-back island life lived alongside various anthropomorphic animals. Clearly, it’s pretty unique, and once you start playing you’ll likely find that hours of quarantine time have slipped by before you know it.

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